V2 – N1

Volume 2 – Issue 1 – February 2020

Table of Contents

A Study on Mobile Addiction among Secondary Students Studying in Madurai District

P. Eswaran | Pages: 1-6

Defensive Behavior and Its Impact in Academic Achievement among Higher Secondary Level

B. Ghowsiya and G. Harini | Pages: 7-16

Home Economics for Elementary Level School Students

R. Kohila Devi and Dr.S. Prakash | Pages: 17-19

Teaching Competency of Primary School Teachers in the Inclusive Setup

S. Krishna Priya | Pages: 20-26

Attitude of Higher Secondary School Teachers towards Using New Technology

Dr.C. Maria Ugin Joseph | Pages: 27-30

Exploring B.Ed Students’ Attitude towards Inclusive Education

Dr.M. Maruthavanan | Pages: 31-35

A Psycho-Social Attributes of Adolescents

V. Mohanraj and Dr.Shrine Vinoca Snehalatha | Pages: 36-38

The Class Room Strategies for Struggling Learners

Dr.P. Sophia Mesalina | Pages: 39-43

Learning Behaviour and Academic Attainment of XI Standard Students

V. Varsha and P.S. Maheshwari | Pages: 44-48